Attention healthtech innovators, clinicians, and data scientists...

We're Giving Away $10,000 to the
Best Apps Deployed on Health Universe
in the Month of August!



Would you like to build the future of health? If so, this event is for you. Health Universe is hosting a month long asynchronous hackathon, starting August 1st and ending August 31st!

This is your chance to network, experiment with cutting-edge AI, gain professional recognition, win substantial cash prizes, and play a key role in propelling healthcare into the future.

Yes, this means you!

The Mission: Deploy A Health App On Health Universe

Health Universe is designed with you — the researchers, data scientists, and clinicians — in mind.

We provide the cloud infrastructure & community collaboration you need to bring your research ideas to life. With our platform, you can easily create and deploy python apps, and we host them and make them available to anyone with an Internet connection 24/7.

The apps you develop can be accessed by researchers and clinicians right from their web browsers. Your solutions could play a key role in democratizing AI, accelerating innovation, and improving patient care all over the world. Think of the possibilities!

From advancing drug discovery and cancer research to analyzing population health, enhancing administrative workflows, crafting decision support systems, developing nutrition calculators, or designing wellness apps—your creativity is the only limit!

🎉 Prizes Galore

Winning teams not only gain recognition at our monthly demo day, featured on our website, and our social media accounts but also take home substantial cash prizes:

  • 🥇1st Place = $5,000
  • 🥈2nd Place = $3,000
  • 🥉3rd Place = $2,000

This hackathon is asynchronous, which means you have the freedom to form teams and execute projects at your own pace, at your own convenience! And if you don't want to join a team that's ok too, you can enter as a solo participant.

How To Join


Create Your Health Universe Account

Click here to create your free account on Health Universe. Our community is a collaboration of researchers, data scientists. MUAl practitioners, and clinicians who create solutions to problems and want to share them with the world.


Join The Community Discord

Click here to join our brand new Discord community. Meet like-minded innovators, find teammates, and brainstorm to create the next big thing in health tech.


Develop a Streamlit or FastAPI App

It's time to bring your innovative idea to life. Utilize our support resources to develop your app using Streamlit or FastAP Leverage OpenAl, scikit-learn or whatever libraries you want.


Deploy Your App Before The Deadline

Got your app ready? Fantastic! Click here to deploy your app on Health Universe and submit your entry before the last day of the month at midnight PST.

🎯 Who Is This Contest For?

  • The Health Data Scientist
  • The Tech-savvy Clinician
  • The Medical Student Innovator
  • The Clinical Researcher
  • The AI Enthusiast
  • The Passionate Programmer
  • The Healthcare Entrepreneur
  • The Budding Bioinformatician

🤔 Why Participate?

This event is more than a competition—it's a collaborative playground for problem-solving, encouraging the conception and development of ground-breaking open-source health tech solutions. It’s your chance to integrate your knowledge and experience with generative AI and other technologies to create solutions to the pressing issues we face today, across the spectrum of health, from bench to bedside.

Example App Ideas

💡 A Drug Discovery App

An AI-powered app that accelerates the drug discovery process by analyzing large datasets to identify potential candidates.

💡 A Cancer Risk Prediction App

An app that utilizes patient data and genetic information to predict the risk of developing specific cancers, aiding in early detection and prevention.

💡 A Clinical Decision Support App

An app that offers evidence-based recommendations to healthcare professionals for diagnosis, treatment selection, and patient management.

💡 A Remote Patient Monitoring App

An app that enables patients to track vital signs and symptoms from home, providing real-time data to healthcare providers for remote monitoring.

💡 A Mental Health Companion App

An app that combines chatbots, therapy modules, and mental health tracking to support individuals in managing their mental well-being.

💡 A EHR Integrated App

An app that seamlessly integrates with existing EHR systems, enhancing data visualization and workflows for healthcare providers.

💡 A Patient Engagement App

An app that empowers patients with personalized health information, resources, and interactive tools for active involvement in healthcare decision-making.

💡 A Clinical Trials Matching App

An app that employs AI algorithms to match eligible patients with relevant clinical trials, improving recruitment efficiency.

💡 A Chronic Disease Management App

An app that assists patients with chronic conditions through personalized care plans, medication reminders, and symptom tracking.

💡 A Healthcare Marketplace App

An app connecting patients with healthcare providers, enabling search, comparison, and appointment booking based on location and reviews.

Hackathon Team, Advisors & Judges

What Makes a Winning App?
Our Judging Criteria

  • ✅ Innovation & Creativity

    We value innovative approaches, novel ideas, and creative problem-solving. Solution to practical, wide-spread problems are valued. But you don't have to be original, you can base your app off existing, validated, methodologies.

  • ✅ Impact & Relevance

    Demonstrate the potential impact of your app on the research community or healthcare industry. Show how it addresses current challenges and unlocks innovation or improves patient outcomes.

  • ✅ Functionality & Reliability

    Ensure it's intuitive to navigate and provides a seamless, engaging user experience.Your code should be well-structured, and error free. While not required, demonstrate an effective use of machine learning.

  • ✅ Documentation & Code Quality

    Ensure the clarity and completeness of your app's documentation. Show us your high-quality, readable code, including comments and documentation within the codebase.

  • ✅ Presentation & Demo

    Create a quality 3-minute video showcasing your app's features and potential healthcare applications. We're looking for clear communication, effective demonstration, and persuasive presentation skills.

🤷🏽‍♀️ What If I'm Not A Programmer?

Don't worry if you're not a seasoned programmer—this contest is for everyone! We are assembling diverse teams that include strong programmers who can help turn your innovative ideas into reality.

Plus, with tools like GPT-4 at your disposal, you can rapidly prototype apps without having to be a coding expert. Remember, your unique insights, creativity, and problem-solving abilities are just as crucial as coding skills in this challenge!

🗓️ Calendar of Events

Date Event Participation
Aug 01: 18:00 ET Hackathon Kickoff Optional
Aug 08: 18:00 ET QA-1 Optional
Aug 15: 18:00 ET QA-2 Optional
Aug 22: 18:00 ET Special Guest Webinar Optional
Aug 31: 23:59 PT App Submissions Required
Sep 05: 18:00 ET Award Ceremony Optional