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We're a team of researchers, data scientists, software engineers, clinicians and more, committed to enabling open source models and artificial intelligence in healthcare, to advance science and benefit humanity.

Our Story

Machine learning in healthcare is a powerful tool that allows us to analyze large amounts of medical data and make more accurate predictions about patient health. This can help physicians make more informed decisions about diagnoses and treatments, leading to better outcomes for patients. Additionally, machine learning algorithms can help us identify patterns in the data that may not be immediately apparent, allowing us to uncover new insights into disease and illness. This can lead to the development of more effective treatments and preventative measures.

By better modeling high-dimensional problems for physicians, we can use these interfaces to help guide treatment for difficult health problems, in far less time, with better outcomes and lower costs. Like the microscope that helped us look deeper into the cell, these tools are already expanding our knowledge and making positive global impact. Our long term aim is to continue to integrate high level interfaces, powered by artificial intelligence, to solve difficult problems and empower physicians. This tragectory could help society rapidly irradicate many of the problems we face in healthcare today.


By using machine learning to analyze large amounts of complex medical data, we can help physicians make more accurate predictions about patient health, leading to better diagnoses and treatments. This can ultimately benefit humanity by improving the overall quality of healthcare. We are dedicated to being responsible pioneers in the field of AI, in service of patients and physicians everywhere.