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The aim of this web-based simulation is to support orthopaedic elective theatre and ward planning. The DES model enables experimentation with the theatre schedule, number of beds, lengths-of-stay for five orthopaedic elective surgery types, the proportion of patients with a delayed discharge, and the length of delay.

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The HEP app offers healthcare administrators and orthopaedic surgeons a comprehensive platform to optimize surgical joint replacement processes. This interactive tool, developed as part of the Hospital Efficiency Project, employs a discrete event simulation model to simulate the entire journey of joint replacement surgeries, from theatre scheduling to patient discharge. Users can customize various parameters, such as the number of surgical sessions per weekday, the types of surgeries performed in each session, and the number of operating theatres available. By comparing different scheduling scenarios against a default schedule, users can evaluate the impact on bed utilization and surgical throughput, enabling informed decision-making to improve operational efficiency. Moreover, the app facilitates exploration of simulation scenarios, allowing users to adjust parameters such as lengths-of-stay, bed availability, and patient delays to understand their effects on surgical throughput. Ultimately, the HEP app empowers healthcare professionals to optimize resource allocation and streamline orthopaedic surgical workflows, leading to enhanced patient care and operational efficiency within hospital orthopaedic departments.

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Harper, A., Monks, T., Wilson, R., et al. (2023). Development and application of simulation modelling for orthopaedic elective resource planning in England. BMJ Open, 13(1), e076221.

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