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Calcium Correction for Hypoalbuminemia is a medical calculation used to estimate the corrected serum calcium level in a patient with hypoalbuminemia (low blood albumin levels). This correction is important because albumin, which is a protein in the blood, binds to calcium and affects the measurement of total serum calcium. The portion of calcium that is bound to albumin is not biologically active, whereas the unbound or "ionized" calcium is biologically active and important for various physiological functions.

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This application can be useful for healthcare providers in various settings, including: * Hospital wards when assessing patients with hypoalbuminemia for potential calcium imbalance. * Outpatient clinics during routine health checkups or monitoring of chronic conditions that can affect albumin levels. * Intensive care units for critically ill patients where electrolyte balance is crucial. * Nephrology and endocrinology departments where patients may have conditions affecting their calcium and albumin levels.

  • The correction formula assumes a linear relationship between calcium and albumin levels, which may not be accurate for all patients.
  • It does not account for individual variations such as age, sex, or other medical conditions that may influence calcium binding.
  • The application does not replace clinical judgment or other diagnostic procedures required to assess calcium status.
  • It is designed for use with albumin measured in g/dL and calcium in mg/dL; usage with other units requires conversion.

The correction formula used is a widely accepted clinical approximation: Corrected Calcium (mg/dL)=Total Calcium (mg/dL)−0.8×(Albumin (g/dL)−4)

This empirical formula is based on the understanding that each gram of albumin below 4 g/dL reduces serum calcium by 0.8 mg/dL. However, variations exist, and some studies suggest using different correction factors for more accuracy.

The formula is based on the paper

This app is crucial as it calculates Calcium Correction for Hypoalbuminemia, estimating corrected serum calcium in patients with low albumin. This correction is vital because albumin binds calcium, affecting total serum calcium measurement, with the unbound or "ionized" calcium being biologically active for physiological functions.

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