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This app is a comprehensive tool for exploring and analyzing data from drug screening experiments. It allows users to delve into various aspects of drug effects, from survival rates to behavioral responses and morphological changes in zebrafish larvae. Through its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the app facilitates data-driven decision-making and accelerates drug discovery and development efforts in combating infectious diseases like COVID-19.

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The Interactive Data App for Covid Box Drug Screening empowers researchers to explore and analyze various aspects of drug screening experiments efficiently. Users can select compounds of interest and visualize their effects across different assays, including morphological, behavioral, and survival analyses. By leveraging interactive plots and filters, researchers can delve into the data, examining individual drug responses, identifying trends, and gaining insights into drug efficacy and toxicity profiles. The app offers functionalities such as standardization of data, grouping by drug, and filtering based on significance levels, enhancing the depth of analysis. Additionally, researchers can explore detailed statistics, effect scores, and literature counts to enrich their understanding of drug effects and mechanisms.

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Ernst, A., Piragyte, I., MP, A.M. et al. Identification of side effects of COVID-19 drug candidates on embryogenesis using an integrated zebrafish screening platform. Sci Rep 13, 17037 (2023).

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